Food $ense Newsletters

  • Food for Thought… June 13, 2017
    Foods and beverages provided through school breakfast, lunch, and after school snack programs must meet certain nutritional requirements to receive federal reimbursement.
    Yolanda Pena
  • Anytime Pizza June 6, 2017
    Top with your favorite veggies! Great for a snack or quick meal!
    Yolanda Pena
  • Dear Sue Keeney… May 30, 2017
    Dear Sue,Lately I am getting really confused about the kind of sugar that my family and I consume. How can I tell the difference between added sugars, artificial sweeteners, or something that has natural sugar in it? Sweet Mom
    Yolanda Pena
  • Added Sugar Shakedown May 16, 2017
    Added sugars are sugars and syrups that are added to foods and drinks when they are processed or prepared.
    Yolanda Pena

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